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  • Girl points at swimming rays


    Learn from the pros at SeaWorld how to set up and maintain your own tropical, salt water aquariums.

    • Gray whale

      Baleen Whales

      满足the largest animals on Earth! From their mouths full of baleen to their enormous sizes, learn the facts about these impressive Mystecetes.

      • 白鲸

        Beluga Whales

        Discover how the vocal, social beluga whale survives in the cold arctic environment.

        • Sloth hanging upside down


          Investigate the variety of life. From microscopic to gigantic, every organism has an important role to play in the vibrant tapestry of life on Earth.

          • Fish swimming swimmingly

            Bony Fishes

            Explore the many fascinating facts about the numerous and remarkable bony fishes.

            • Bottlenose dolphin rising out of water

              Bottlenose Dolphin

              Find out all the details about the delightful bottlenose dolphin, one of the most popular and beloved marine mammals!

              • Sea lions running on a beach

                California Sea Lion

                满足the California sea lions and learn all about this social and lively Pinniped species.

                • Two cheetahs in the shade


                  Introducing the cheetah – a high performance cat with amazing speed.

                  • Clydesdale


                    The Clydesdale is a breed of draught horse derived from the farm horses of Clydesdale, Scotland, and named after that region.

                    • Three Commerson's dolphins swimming underwater

                      Commerson's Dolphins

                      Get to know all the info on the engaging and high-energy Commerson's Dolphins.

                      • Coral reef

                        Coral & Coral Reefs


                        • Elephants walking in the sun


                          Explore the eye-opening facts about elephants, the Earth's largest land animal.

                          • A baby and adult rhino graze

                            Endangered Species

                            Find out what puts plants and animals at risk of extinction and learn what’s being done to preserve species for future generations.

                            • Flamingos in water


                              Uncover all the facts about one of nature’s most noteworthy birds--the stunningly beautiful and absolutely fabulous flamingos.

                              • A gorilla sits in a grassy area, looking toward the camera


                                Get the facts about gorillas--from their physical characteristics to the conservation issues they face.

                                • Two seals in water

                                  Harbor Seal

                                  满足the harbor seal and learn all about this spotted and shy Pinniped species.

                                  • A pod of killer whales swims

                                    Killer Whales

                                    Explore the intriguing information about one of the ocean's most famous species — killer whales.

                                    • A manatee swims


                                      Discover all of the fascinating facts about the gentle and giant manatees.

                                      • AFrican Landscape

                                        Nature at Risk

                                        Explore some of the challenges facing the survival of many wildlife species.

                                        • A climbing orangutan



                                          • 水獭在水中玩耍


                                            Find out all the facts about one of the most popular and playful species - otters!

                                            • Penguins diving into water


                                              满足the penguins — charismatic birds impeccably adapted for life at sea.

                                              • 北极熊潜水

                                                Polar Bears

                                                Learn all about polar bears, extraordinary predators of the Arctic, threatened by a disappearing habitat.

                                                • A zookeeper with an eagle


                                                  Enter into the world of the raptors and find out the facts on these extraordinary birds of prey.

                                                  • Sea lions being released on a beach

                                                    Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Program

                                                    Find out what it takes to rescue thousands of animals in need of expert care.

                                                    • Sea Turtle

                                                      Sea Turtles

                                                      Learn about sea turtles — remarkable marine reptiles facing formidable challenges to their survival.

                                                      • Two sharks swim low over a reef in shallow water

                                                        Sharks & Rays

                                                        Meet some of the ocean's most fascinating and misunderstood predators — the sharks.

                                                        • A tiger looks back


                                                          冒险进入这个资源,充满了有关大自然最令人着迷但濒临灭绝的掠食者之一 - 老虎的信息。

                                                          • Animal Trainer and Beluga

                                                            Training Animals

                                                            Dive in to these animal training details and discover the techniques used by the trainers at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens.

                                                            • Killer whale with trainer
                                                            • Walrus


                                                              满足the walrus and find out all the facts about those famous tusks and more!

                                                              • Rescued sea turtle getting an examination.

                                                                Zoo Careers

                                                                Find out about careers working with animals at SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, and Discovery Cove.